About us

Hello! My name is Marissa and I am the maker behind Pride & Pop. This is a one woman show, so everything you see on my shop is hand made by me!

I am a queer disabled artist in my early 30s, and I love all things funky and colourful. I'm a maximalist and obsessed with dogs, books, music, and making art. I am always making new things and inspired by so much that I can't ever keep up with my brain!

I started playing around with polymer clay in late 2020 during the Covid lockdowns (who didn't start a new hobby during this time) and fell in love with the art form. I definitely wasn't very good in the beginning, but I had so much fun that I never wanted to stop. In January 2021, Pride & Pop was born!

With my art, I hope to make you smile, brighten your day, and help you to express yourself. Life is hard enough - wear what brings you joy!

You may have seen Pride & Pop at various markets around Melbourne and surrounds - I love selling directly to customers in community spaces, or even just having a nice chat with a friendly stranger! Check out P&P's Instagram page for my market and event schedule.