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Convert to Clip-Ons - Dangles Only

Convert to Clip-Ons - Dangles Only

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Don't have your ears pierced? No problem! Add this listing to your cart after adding another item to convert the jewellery to a stainless steel clip-on. Please note that this is only for dangle earrings, not studs. Please email us if you're interested in clip on-studs. 

Add one of this listing PER earring pair you'd like to switch. If you only want a clip-on on one pair and are buying more, please write in the order notes which one you'd like this to apply to. If you buy 3 pairs of earrings and want them all to be clip-ons, please add 3 of this listing to your cart.

The frog dangles are an example of how the earrings look with the clip-on attachment. In this case, the earring hook has been replaced. Other dangle earrings that feature a clay or acrylic stud top will be replaced and only pieces that dangle below the ear will remain with the clip-on option.

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